• Vanessa Minor

So Over Being Over It

This is not a breaking news type of blog post. In fact, this is old news. And we’re tired. I grew up hearing adages like “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Adult life has taught me the meaning time and time again, but nothing quite like a global pandemic.

Collectively, we’ve been through it. We’ve had to adjust and readjust, and repeat and recycle, and then again a few times more. The pandemic is not done with us yet.

My clients have heard me say that it’s been an interesting time being a therapist during a global pandemic. As mental health professionals, we were accustomed to having some degree of separation between our personal and professional lives and experiencing a pandemic certainly muddied that up. Here are some things that I’ve learned to manage my sanity:

  • Focus on what you do know. There is a lot of uncertainty and it’s difficult to make decisions based on what you don’t know. There’s plenty that you do know if you shift your perspective.

  • Assess your risk and act accordingly. We take risks all time, yet we never quite assessed our risk tolerance quite like we have since the onset of the pandemic. This has led us feeling burnout and fatigued from decision making. Your risk assessment should also include your mental and emotional wellness. It may be risky to be around other humans, but it can also be risky to not.

  • Review and Revise your routine. What worked before might not be working anymore. Maybe your routine could benefit from a refresher.

  • Remind yourself of your resiliency. Yes, it’s tough, but people in general are pretty resilient. One day, we’ll be looking at how far we’ve come in the rear view mirror.

What are you doing to maintain your mental and emotional wellness? Please share your thoughts and tips for our collective sanity as we continue to weather the pandemic storm.

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