• Vanessa Minor

Change is Amongst Us

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let go of things." -unknown author

Usually around this time of year in Wisconsin we're already in the throws of fall, but this year it seems we've got a bit of a late start with unseasonably warm weather. Whether you're a fan of the seasonal changes or not, the reality is that seasons change. Life is a lot like this.

People often tell me how much they don't like change and how uncomfortable and foreign it feels to them. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes we wish things could just stay the same. Like those warm summer nights or that series you love to binge, so we can just hold on to how things are for just a bit longer. Of course, this mostly applies to the things we like.

I often think of fall like a time to reset and a season of preparation. Swapping out your sandals for rain boots. Making your home cozier. Resetting our routines (think start of the school year). Crock pot dinners. Things start to settle down from the busyness of summer.

Fall is also a season of change. Wisconsin falls are beautiful, so vibrant and full of color. What a sight of beauty and experience we wouldn't partake in if it all stayed the same. Sometimes the shift in temperature is jarring at first, but with a few extra layers, we learn to adjust.

What changes are you preparing for in your life? What are you holding on to that would be better off left in the past? Is it time to move on from that thing that you know you've outgrown (maybe even a few seasons ago)?

If you're ready and looking for additional support to help you navigate the next season in your life, reach out to a mental health professional in your area.

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